Want your store to be featured as a Shop Spotlight?

Shop Spotlights feature independent shops and boutiques with inspiring displays, merchandising and branding. Shop Spotlights are featured on the inspire.ca blog, and links to the blog are posted from Instagram & Facebook.

If you think your shop would be a good fit a Spotlight, please send us:

  • 6-10 high quality photographs of your store including: exterior, signage, interior, displays, products, fixtures
  • a short description of your boutique
  • an overview of what is successful about your displays and visual presentation
  • website address
  • Instagram/Facebook profiles

Send photos and descriptions to shopspotlight@inspire.ca

If your submission fits our profile criteria, and we have room in our publication schedule, we’ll send you an email Q&A to fill out about your store. We may request additional photos.

If your submission doesn’t fit our profile style, or our publication schedule is full, we’ll let you know.

You shouldn’t have to hang around wondering if you’ll hear from us. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks, please email again, or PM @inspireretail on Instagram. Sometimes things go don’t quite connect in cyberland, especially when sending image attachments. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch again.