I silently vowed I would never again avoid a tough conversation.

Natalie was 20 years older than I was, but we shared a bond. Often we were the only two in the office, and we talked a lot about life, relationships, and family. After a few months, I noticed her borrowing from petty cash. I smelled alcohol on her breath in the office.

Young and in-secure, I didn’t know how to talk to her about it. My boss told me he couldn’t do anything because he hadn’t seen it himself.

So I said nothing.

Alcoholism took Natalie’s life a few months later. I regretted never speaking to her about what I noticed. I could not have changed the outcome of her life, but I missed an opportunity to make our relationship deeper and more real.

All my life I’ve loved having meaningful conversations

Deep conversations. About ideas. Possibilities. Challenge. Creativity. Inspiration. Relationships. Connection.

But that time I missed an opportunity because of fear. I feared what Natalie would say to me. I feared losing the relationship we had built.

What I know now is that having a tough conversation with compassion and curiosity creates more connection

And what most people crave is to be heard.

Over the past year I’ve had more deep and meaningful conversations with my clients, students and colleagues than ever before. We have grappled with the difficult topics we’ve seen in the news, and shared how we have been personally impacted by these issues, combined with the challenges of living through a pandemic. What I’ve learned is that taking the risk to have these deep conversations has created more trust, openness and sharing.

I want to have more of these conversations with like-minded people

I want to connect with people who are shaping a life of their own making. One that doesn’t follow the rules of what’s always been done before. People who want to make an impact in their communities. People who are committed to building organizations based on ethical practices and safe, inclusive spaces.

100 Deep Conversations

Over the next year, my goal is to have 100 deep conversations with individuals who are in the fashion industry, or are makers, creatives, students and business owners. I have room in my calendar to meet with 2-3 people every week.

Leading can be lonely

When you’re leading a small company, or are working as a solopreneur, there’s often no one to talk to. You might not want to share your fears or challenges with your team or your family. It can feel isolating. You might be afraid to share your big dreams. 

Or maybe you don’t have a challenge or problem, but you’re looking for insight or inspiration to help you move forward.

If you have big dreams you are striving towards, and would love to devote 2 hours to a deep-dive on your work, come meet with me!

You’ll get a deep coaching experience focused on an area of your work that you want to move forward. I’m willing to ask you the tough questions that other people might not ask. I’m skilled at framing challenges from a different perspective. At seeing connections and opportunities you may not have seen.

If this appeals to you, let’s talk.

You’ll get to experience a bespoke coaching session, at no cost, no strings attached.I only work with a handful of select clients by referral or invitation, so there’s no up-sell at the end. No email list to join, nor any hidden agenda.
My goal is for you to walk away with one insight, idea or shift in perspective. That may be all it takes for you to take that next step to building your dream.

Why am I doing this?

I want to fill my life with more joy and meet more great people. I want to have more meaningful conversations with amazing people who are doing great work. I want to fill my life with people who inspire me.

And I want to help you create even more of an impact through the work you do.

So, let’s talk!

You can book time with me in my calendar.
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I am privileged to be a settler living and working on the traditional land of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam Nations.