What value are you offering?

Your clients are buying value.


A garment that lasts.
One that doesn’t wear out right away. 


A garment that fits real bodies.
Not a cookie cutter, throw away fashion fashion trend that tries to shape you
into someone else’s ideal image.


A garment that feels fantastic.
That makes you love yourself. It feels special.
A hug you put on and wear all day.


A garment that makes you feel seen.
Made for a person just like you. Your size. Your shape.
Your skin colour. Your ability. Your identity.
Your wonderful you.


A garment that connects you to the face of the brand.
To the owner. To sewers, artisans, team members.


A garment that gives you a sense of belonging. Makes you part of a club.
A group of like minded people that share values, beliefs and interests. 

Now more than ever, you need to be communicating value to your audience.

If all your messages only say, ‘buy now,’ you will lose touch with your audience. 

But that doesn’t mean you don’t sell.

It means you offer value. You connect with people’s needs. You serve.

When I was working on this yesterday, I received the most amazing email newsletter from a local apparel designer. Her newsletter was chock full of motivation, resources and tools to help people through these challenging times. It was personal. It perfectly expressed the personality of the business owner, and represented her brand. It was a stellar example of offering value, staying connected with the brand’s audience and building community. 

How can you offer twice or three times as much value to your audience?

How will you serve your customers today?

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