I want to live in a community of artisans

Artisans who craft with traditional skills or new technologies.
With cloth, or code.
With herbs or hardware.

I want to buy from skilled people who enjoy their craft.
From people who care about the work they do.
From people who are proud of their work.
I want to buy from the butcher. The baker.
I want to know the people who made my clothes.

I don’t want to live in a landscape of Walmarts and Costcos.
With acres of parking lots that wash toxins into the soil.
I don’t want to buy my peppers
from Mexico in a big plastic bag.
From the same place I buy
printer paper
family-size Cheetos
a stainless steel BBQ
the latest bestselling novel
extra-large bottle of vitamin C
polyester sweatshirt
and a bag of bulk underwear.


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