How will you nurture yourself this year?

  Nurture is care. Nurture is gentle. Nurture is kind. Nurture encourages growth. Nurture doesn’t ‘crush it’. Nurture doesn’t ‘fake it till you make it’. Nurture accepts who you really are. Nurture feeds, waters, strengthens. Nurture makes you blossom. We’ve been through some hard times. We’re still facing uncertainty. And we’re going to be OK. Let’s… Read more

What is blocking you from growing in your business?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  How might we be preventing our business from moving to the next level because we don’t see how we could do things differently? Or because we are fearful of taking the next step? Or we don’t want to give up our feeling of control? It could be… Read more

How can we redefine fashion?

              It’s time to change how we define fashion.  Let’s make it inclusive. Accessible. Diverse. Decolonized. Degendered.  Good for people. Gentle on the planet. Who knows what that will look like in the end. But we can start to create it. 365 QUESTIONS are questions I’m thinking about. Maybe… Read more

What we do today matters

2020 has been hard. We are dealing with issues globally that this generation has never had seen before. We have access to information that we’ve never had access to before, so we can see scary and terrible things unfold in real-time. Things that don’t physically affect us because they happen in another part of the… Read more

Some people see clothing as frivolous

Some people see clothing as frivolous. Some people criticize buying as searching to fill some emotional void with another cheap outfit.  This industrialized era of the past two centuries has taught us to consume more. To buy because it’s cheap. We get excited by this idea.  ‘Look how much more we can buy while paying as little… Read more

I want to live in a community of artisans

Artisans who craft with traditional skills or new technologies. With cloth, or code. With herbs or hardware. I want to buy from skilled people who enjoy their craft. From people who care about the work they do. From people who are proud of their work. I want to buy from the butcher. The baker. I… Read more

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