Customer Experience

What value are you offering?

Your clients are buying value. Quality.  A garment that lasts. One that doesn’t wear out right away.  Fit.  A garment that fits real bodies. Not a cookie cutter, throw away fashion fashion trend that tries to shape youinto someone else’s ideal image. Love.  A garment that feels fantastic. That makes you love yourself. It feels… Read more

Why You Need To Build a Profitable Business

How Do You Balance Profits With Sustainability? When you’re an entrepreneur concerned with sustainability, this can be difficult to answer. I’ve been talking to designers lately who have been bringing up some version of this question. Some talk about how hard it is to move forward when you don’t know the right answer. I struggled… Read more

Shop Spotlight: Hunter & Hare

Shop Spotlights feature shops and boutiques with inspiring displays, merchandising and branding. Hunter & Hare is a carefully curated consignment shop with a cozy, inviting atmosphere. I visited the shop on a grey, rainy weekday morning. I found the tiny boutique filled with customers, and was greeted by a cheery hello from the associate at… Read more

How to Create Customer Dreams in Your Store

Have you ever walked into a store and fallen in love? It’s as if the store was created just for you. It smells heavenly. The lighting is beautiful. Each display is exquisite. The products are calling you. It’s perfect. You imagine… …what that table would look like in your kitchen. …what you’d look like in… Read more

The Self-Fulfilling Sales Prophecy

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball to tell what products will sell? It can be hard to predict why one product will be a sales success, and another will languish on the shelves. There may be all kinds of reasons. It can be timing. Product quality. Placement of the product in the… Read more

The Secret To Running ‘Automatic’ Store Events

Some people are morning people I’m not one of them. When I get up, I stagger around with a foggy brain at first. Until my head clears, I can’t do anything that requires me to think. So, I put my morning routine on automatic. I can make coffee and get my day started, when I’m… Read more

Education Events: How To Find The ‘Hidden Treasure’ In Your Business

It was a six year old’s dream come true A birthday treasure hunt. The young treasure hunters discovered a battered map in a bottle on the rocky ocean beach. Following the clues to the ‘X’ on the map, the children found the right spot and started to dig. It didn’t take them long to unearth… Read more

Community Events: How To Avoid The Screwdriver Syndrome

Community events can be disappointing They seem to promise more than they deliver. You put in long hours. You spend money on extra staff. You buy balloons. There’s tents. Face painting. Music. Crowds. But no sales. All that work is for nothing, it seems. At the end of it all, you swear you’ll never do… Read more

How Merchandising Attracts Customers: Or Drives Them Away

You need to attract customers If you have a brick-and-mortar store (a physical retail location), your job is to attract shoppers to come inside. These shoppers have many other choices. Other stores. Other neighbourhoods or malls. And online shopping. Brick-and-mortar retail is becoming increasingly competitive. Even large, well-established companies are finding it hard to attract… Read more

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