The Secret To Running ‘Automatic’ Store Events

Some people are morning people I’m not one of them. When I get up, I stagger around with a foggy brain at first. Until my head clears, I can’t do anything that requires me to think. So, I put my morning routine on automatic. I can make coffee and get my day started, when I’m… Read more

Education Events: How To Find The ‘Hidden Treasure’ In Your Business

It was a six year old’s dream come true A birthday treasure hunt. The young treasure hunters discovered a battered map in a bottle on the rocky ocean beach. Following the clues to the ‘X’ on the map, the children found the right spot and started to dig. It didn’t take them long to unearth… Read more

Community Events: How To Avoid The Screwdriver Syndrome

Community events can be disappointing They seem to promise more than they deliver. You put in long hours. You spend money on extra staff. You buy balloons. There’s tents. Face painting. Music. Crowds. But no sales. All that work is for nothing, it seems. At the end of it all, you swear you’ll never do… Read more

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