I’m in Vancouver, BC, focusing on these things:

  • Being a mom — helping my kids with their projects and goals
  • Working with fashion students at John Casablancas Institute – teaching Fashion Retailing, Marketing, Costume History and Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Revising Attracting Customers and The Pinwheel Principle, for re-release 2019
  • Developing a Designer’s Roadmap – a coaching program for apparel designers
  • Writing a Merchandising Basics course
  • Volunteering as a Board member for the Society for the Museum of Original Costume
  • Improving my skills in Adobe Illustrator
  • Making 2018 my healthiest year ever

These are my priorities. I say no to everything else: conferences, promoting anything, new projects.

If you have feedback or suggestions for posts, email contact at inspire.ca.

Last update: December 12, 2018.
(Page inspired by Leo Babauta, who was inspired by Derek Sivers.)