How will you nurture yourself this year?


How will you nurture yourself this year?

Nurture is care. Nurture is gentle. Nurture is kind. Nurture encourages growth.

Nurture doesn’t ‘crush it’. Nurture doesn’t ‘fake it till you make it’.

Nurture accepts who you really are.
Nurture feeds, waters, strengthens.
Nurture makes you blossom.

We’ve been through some hard times. We’re still facing uncertainty.

And we’re going to be OK.

Let’s build up ourselves and each other.
What does nurturing look like for you this year?



365 QUESTIONS are questions I’m thinking about. Maybe some are questions that can help you. Some questions I’ll write about. Some I’ll leave for you to think about without any of my input. To get the most out of the questions, journal about them. Talk to someone about them. Go deep. See what comes up.


If this question resonates with you, please post your thoughts.

Or, ask another question

Let’s see where questions can take us.

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