How do you increase store sales without slashing prices?

(Learn why customers aren't buying, and how to fix it.)

Are you wondering why customers aren't buying?
Are you wondering what you need to do to generate more sales?
Can you improve sales results by changing your merchandising?

You're frustrated that your hard work isn't getting the expected results. 
You've have good results in the past, but sales have dropped off. Customers just aren't buying.

You have quality product, a great team and an attractive store, yet it doesn't seem to be enough to get customers buying. Your sales are below projections. The store is getting crowded with too much inventory. Mark downs on last season's merchandise aren't attracting enough customers. In spite of your efforts to turn things around, products still aren't moving like you'd planned. 

What can you do to turn things around?
Where do you start? What will have the most impact on your business? 
When you have questions like this, you often don't know where to turn.

If you knew what to do, you could make changes to attract more customers, increase repeat traffic and improve sales.

What you need is a way to increase sales, without drastically slashing prices.

Introducing the Pinwheel Principle.

When you learn about the Pinwheel Principle, and how to apply it, you can increase your store sales without resorting to price slashing.

With the Pinwheel Principle you will:

  • Learn why customers aren't buying, and how to fix the problem.
  • Learn how to organize merchandise to make the store more attractive to customers.
  • Learn where to place sale merchandise.
  • Stop wasting money on expensive marketing schemes with untested results.
  • Reduce worries about paying bills.
  • Have more cash available to purchase new merchandise.

Pinwheel Principle

The Pinwheel Principle is a report created in response to questions from retailers like you.

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The Pinwheel Principle: How to Increase Sales Without Slashing Prices

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