What are buzz words?

Every industry has them. Those words that all the industry 'insiders' know. And when those words are used, the rest of us feel like we don't know the language. Because that's what it is. A language for a type of business that's foreign to us. 

We call that jargon.   

I don't like to use jargon. I like to keep things simple. I want you to know what I'm talking about. I try not to use too many words that just merchandisers, or designers, or marketers use. I prefer to use plain language when I can. 

No fancy words here.

There's nothing wrong with the words used in merchandising & marketing. But if I use fancy words, you get the idea that merchandising is something you have to get an expert to do for you.

That's not what this site is about. This site is about learning. And applying what you learn.

You can be brand new to running a store, or to merchandising, and still understand the material on this site. I don't just want you to understand it. I want you to use it.

Sometimes you just can't get around it. 

Sometimes the best word for the job is part of the jargon. So, I'll use the word, and explain it for you. And put it on this list.

You might also hear jargon or buzz words from other people. And that's OK too. So, you can read this list and find out what the words mean. And use them too, if want. 

The sneaky problem with jargon.

Sometimes jargon is so familiar, you don't realize you're using it. I'll probably make that mistake. So, if I use words you don't know, ask me to explain it. There's my email at the bottom of the page. Click the link. Send me the words and ask me to explain myself.

This is your buzz words list.

Send me the jargon you hear or read. It's your merchandising glossary. What do you want to see here?

Click here to send your buzz words.

Merchandising Buzz Words

Here are some of the words I'm working on defining, and will post soon.



Floor Plan

Focal Point

Four Way







Straight Arm



Wall Standard


Send me your suggestions too.

Melanie McIntosh
Inspire Retail Solutions

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