Merchandising Consulting

There are four types of merchandising services I provide to help you attract customers & increase sales.

Inspired One Hour Consulting

A one-on-one phone consultation where you can ask me questions related to your merchandising including product placement, traffic flow, signage, displays and the store experience.

This is great for retailers who:

  • want to get started merchandising but have a small budget OR
  • enjoy learning & implementing new retail skills OR
  • have a team who can implement the merchandising strategies OR
  • have some merchandising strategies already in place, but need more coaching

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Merchandising and Presentation Plan

You receive a customized merchandising & presentation guide based on information you provide about your store and customers.

I work with you to:

  • review store categories and their placement in the store
  • create merchandising planograms (diagrams) to show you where to place merchandise
  • develop display guidelines so your staff can refer to the plan & guidelines when placing merchandise
  • research and recommend fixtures and merchandising materials

Email me for a consultation & custom quote based on your situation.

Signage Concept

Store signs have a hierarchy that shoppers use to navigate through stores. The signage concept is a set of sign templates for your store. The signs may include department, category, shelf labels, and product information tags. The signage concept can also include recommendations and sources for signage materials, holders and shelf edgings.

Depending on your needs and store size, the concept can be:

  • delivered as templates to use in-store for printing on a desktop printer
  • prepared as print-ready graphics for your printing company
  • prepared for your graphic designer to coordinate with your other print materials

Email me for a consultation & custom quote based on your situation.

In-store Merchandising & Training

In-store merchandising can be done with or without a merchandising plan. Sometimes all you need is someone to come in and help you set up a retail cart or kiosk, or some new fixtures.

Or, you may need someone to help you implement a merchandising plan for the first time, and train your staff.

Email me for a consultation & custom quote based on your situation.

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