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You want to see pics, samples and stories. I want you to see them too. Here's a few to get started, and more will be here soon. I wanted to get this new, easier to use, (and easier on the eyes) website up right away. 

Here are a couple of samples from clients.

Just a taste of what's to come...

Existing Store Review

The Company: An entrepreneur expanded from one location, to three stores carrying similar goods. The stores sell 'green' products for the home: yoga wear, bedding, house wares, and gifts.

The Problem: The company was growing quickly. The owner wanted a review of the merchandising and product placement to find out what could be improved. She also wanted new staff to be a part of the review to learn merchandising techniques.


Front window before

Front Display Window - Before: The window is dominated by reflections, making the merchandise hard to see. The display lacks a focal point & does not attract attention.


The Solution: The store owner received a binder of merchandising guidelines, tips and photographs outlining store merchandising strengths and strategies for improvement. A store walk-through and Q&A provided additional guidance for staff. Merchandising skills within the company were identified.

The Results: Based on the merchandising strategies outlined in the review, staff members transformed the store, inside & out. They learned:

  • to use colour to draw attention, and pull shoppers through the store
  • how to create dynamic displays
  • how to create focal points
  • how to place merchandise in key selling locations


Front Window After

Front Display Window - After: The effect of the reflections has been reduced. A more interesting and attractive display is created. A number of techniques have been used:

  • using the entire depth and width of the window
  • adding window graphics
  • adding lighting
  • using a strong, simple colour scheme
  • adding props that support, but don't detract from the merchandise


New Store Merchandising Plan

The Company: An entrepreneur had a vision of a cooking school with a retail specialty store offering a custom spice bar, gourmet oils, vinegars and cooking utensils.

The Problem: An experienced marketer, the owner did not have a background in retail. He had an overall concept for the store, and store design when he came to us. My job was to fill in the details of the concept.

The Solution: Working from photos of the location, and store blueprints we identified key locations for retail departments and prime selling areas. Based on typical retail consumer behaviour and planned inventory, we developed a plan for fixture needs and layout.

Spice Shelves

The Results: Inspire Retail Solutions produced a comprehensive merchandising plan which described the function of the retail space, and provided merchandising guidelines. The store owner's concept was translated into a series of illustrations that gave direction for setting up the store and creating merchandising displays.

Using the recommendations and guidelines provided in the merchandising plan, this entrepreneur created an inviting, dynamic retail atmosphere.



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Melanie McIntosh
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