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How do you know if merchandising consulting is right for you?

A solid merchandising program can be challenging to implement on your own. With so many other things to do, merchandising can be hard to fit in. Or it might just be hard to know where to start.

Sometimes it helps to get someone to create a plan or help you implement it. I can help you create a merchandising plan for your store, and work with you to get it set up in your store.

I want to make sure that the work I do for you is effective. So, that's why I only work with a few clients. And why I only work with retailers who are ready to implement a merchandising plan.

Are you ready to merchandise your store?

Occasionally I have told retail owners that it is not the right time for them to focus on merchandising. Improving merchandising can improve sales but it is only one part of a sound business strategy. And it takes time to see significant results.

Merchandising is not a magic wand. Just because a store looks great doesn't make the products fly off the shelves. Besides having a great store, you need to be sure you have the right products, matched with the right target customer.

How do you know if you've got it right?

Merchandising needs to be based on reliable business information. Without good information, merchandising strategies are just guesses. Merchandising based on guesses is not as effective as merchandising based on knowing your customer and sales results. To be effective, merchandising decisions need to be guided by results that are measured and tested.

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Melanie McIntosh
Inspire Retail Solutions

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